Groonga 2.1.1 has been released

We released groonga 2.1.1 just after 2.1.0.
2.1.1 release is the bug fix release. It is the bug related

Groonga 2.1.1 has been released

On 2012-12-29, groonga 2.1.1 has been

How to install: Install

See Release 2.1.1 2012/12/29 about
detailed changes since 2.1.0.

The bug that KEY_NORMALIZE related infomations are deleted

The previous version groonga (2.1.0) has the bug that KEY_NORMALIZE
related infomations are deleted when it opens databases created old
groonga (2.0.9 or ealier).

KEY_NORMALIZE is the value for flags option in table_create
command. With support
of --normalizer option since 2.1.0, KEY_NORMALIZE is deprecated.
Instead of, it is recommended to specify --normalizer with
Because of this change, groonga updates flags values from
KEY_NORMALIZE to --normalizer with NormalizerAuto. However, this
update was not working. This couses the bug that KEY_NORMALIZE related
infomations are deleted.

In 2.1.1, we has fixed this bug. If you use 2.1.0, please update groonga
to 2.1.1.

Note about opening databases created groonga 2.0.9 or earlier

By the support of --normalizer, please take care in opening your
databases created 2.0.9 or earlier.
If you once open your old databases (created by no --normalizer
supported groonga) with new groonga (2.1.0 or later), you can't open
them with old groonga.
You shouldn't use multiple versions groonga.


Groonga 2.1.0 includes many improvements, support of continuous line in
command list, support of the expression as snippet_html() function
arguments, and so on.
See Release 2.1.0 2012/12/29 about
detailed changes at 2.1.0.

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